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Influencer marketing is a social media marketing strategy that promotes a brand, product, or services through celebrities, famous personalities, and organizations with many social media followers. An influencer can influence others’ purchasing behaviors due to his or her knowledge, reputation, position, or relationships with his or her followers.


What are the social media influencer trends for 2020?


According to experts, there are several social media influencers 2020 trends. These trends are based on factors like the social media influencers’ impact. Among them are:


  1. The increasing globalization of social media influencers and brands.
  2. The growing relevancy of long-form content promoting the authenticity and empathic connection of the influencers to their followers.
  3. The better engagement and loyal following established by micro-influencers with their audience as compared to macro-influencers.
  4. The growing preference of companies to hire influencers due to the social media influencers’ impact on their brands.
  5. The continuous growth of the value of influencer platforms because of their effectiveness in digital marketing.


What are the benefits of using influencers in my social media marketing campaign?


There are several benefits of social media influencers in your social media marketing strategy. Among them are:


  1. They help increase the awareness of their followers to your brand, products, and services.
  2. They can establish trust, credibility, and loyalty to your company quickly.
  3. You can leverage the content of the social media influencers to provide value to your market or audience.
  4. They can help you reach your prospective customers and convince them to patronize your products and services.
  5. The social media influencers’ impact on your profitability is high.


What is the difference between a social influencer and a brand ambassador or brand advocate?


  • A social media influencer is a person or an organization with a large number of social following whom they have established trust and loyalty. Companies usually hire influencers to promote their brands, products, or services due to the social media influencers’ impact on their audience.
  • Meanwhile, a brand ambassador is a well-known personality chosen by a firm or organization as its representative to bolster awareness of its brand and increase sales.


What are the factors to consider when choosing influencers for my campaign?


There are several considerations to take into account in your social media influencers 2020 selection. You should consider the potential social media influencers’ impact on your campaign during your selection. Some of the factors you may consider are:


  1. The influencers’ platform advocacies and personality
  2. The social media influencers’ impact on their audience
  3. The social media influencers’ 2020 reach based on their number of followers, view counts, and subscribers.
  4. The social media influencers’ 2020 engagement with their audience as measured in the number of likes, shares, and comments on their content.
  5. The social media influencers’ impact on your brand and your bottom line.
  6. The social media platforms used by influencers like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  7. The content produced by the influencers in relation to your brand’s goals and image.
  8. The price charged by the influencers and your influencer marketing budget.


How much do social media influencers charge in 2020?


The majority of marketers use the one cent per follower rule to calculate the rates of a social media influencer. The pricing is mainly based on social media influencers’ impact and other factors. Based on 2020 data, Facebook influencers charge an average of $25 per 1,000 followers, while Instagram influencers ask $10 per 1,000 followers. Meanwhile, YouTube influencers cost an average of $20 per 1,000 followers, and Snapchat influencers charge $10 per 1,000 followers.


Several factors determine the rates of social media influencers in 2020.

Some of the considerations are:


  1. The total number of engagement their posts generate
  2. The total number of fans and followers of the influencer
  3. The relevancy of the advertisements (ads) with the influencer’s brand and following
  4. The number of posts you order and the platforms where your influencers will promote your brand, products, or service.
  5. The type of content you require like videos, images, audio, etc.


How can I launch an influencer marketing campaign?


There are several steps you can take to start a successful influencer marketing strategy (which can be achieved by leveraging social media management services as well). Among them are:

  1. Selecting your influencers from your 2020 social media influencers list. Consider using the social media influencers’ impact on your decision.
  2. Communicate and present an excellent offer to your chosen influencers. You may use the one cent per follower rule in calculating how much to offer.
  3. Monitor the performance and results of your influencer marketing campaign by using benchmarks and reasonable goals and objectives.
  4. Evaluate the social media influencers’ impact on your bottom line. By analyzing the results of your campaign, you can determine which platforms, content, and influencers produced the best results.

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