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Your Advantage: Our Team

Meet The Team

We're creative, dedicated, and driven. Our team of social media marketing and digital marketing experts is focused on one thing only: your success. We deliver outstanding work, measurable impact and results that help grow your business.



Team Leader

Katja runs the show, delivers tasks on time and makes clients happy.




Jock provides strategic guidance with 20+ years of global MarCom/PR experience. He generates and pitches ideas, composes ideas, and conducts research that drives your strategy.



Social Media & Blog

Rodney has a Bachelor of Science in both public relations and music with a strong background in writing and social media strategy. He organizes, plans and implements your content strategies. Rodney is responsible to set up your entire content strategy to support your overall marketing and sales efforts.



Social Media & Content

With a bright mind and a knack for social media and writing, Kim develops content and creative design that makes your social media campaign shine and stand out from the competition.



Social Media, Content & Strategy

Kerry maps out the digital content you need to develop and tell compelling stories about your business. She works with your marketing team to storyboard and script your content in line with your brand values.




With over a decade in the digital marketing landscape, Steven has done it all: from web design and SEO to content marketing and social media campaign management. He aligns social and marketing strategies with execution



Social Media & Facebook Ads

Rachel is a marketing veteran with a Masters in Marketing Communications and a passion for leading people to brands they love



Video, Graphics & Design

Paul creates visual concepts, and content used in the digital marketing campaigns of our clients. He does your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn header and any social media design you need. Whether you’re looking for GIFs, Infographics or if you want to turn your content into a video, he is the person who will deliver and delight.

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We only need 15 mins to show you how our social media and digital marketing strategy will increase your brand awareness, align your marketing and sales and create a predictable and repeatable stream of new leads, customers and revenue.