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Google Advertising Management

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Google Advertising Management

Google is the world's largest search engine, accounting for 70% of online search queries. Whether you're an eCommerce company, a click and mortar, or a local business like a restaurant or boutique, you already know that Google's ever-changing search algorithm makes it extremely hard to rank high on Google. And once you get a high ranking, the competition to take over your spot on a Google search engine results page (SERP) is fierce.

 What's the solution to get your brand's message front and center on the most relevant search queries related to your products and services? The answer is to run strategic digital advertising for the best marketing campaigns through Google Ads.

 What are Google Ads?

 Google Ads is the world's most-used digital advertising platform and was first introduced in 2000. Since then, it's undergone several transformations, first being known as AdWords and then AdWords Express.

 Today, Google Ads is more smart and robust than ever before, with a vast selection of campaign types, ad types, and targeting options to reach web users on Google and the world's second-largest search tool, YouTube.

How Does Google Ads Advertising Work?

In its most simplified form, Google Ads  works when a brand like you:

  • Creates an account to advertise on Google and YouTube
  • Selects a goal for your advertising campaign (you can run several campaigns, each with different goals, concurrently). Depending on your unique needs, your goal may be to drive more traffic to your website, get more people to call your business, or create more foot
  • Creates compelling ad copy and selects a monthly budget for each of your campaigns. One great thing about Google Ads is there is no minimum marketing spend to advertise. Companies of all sizes and budget types can run ads. Also, there are several ways to adjust your budget, whether it be on-the-fly, prescheduled to automatically adjust on a selected date of the month, or during a holiday
  • Chooses a geographic area for where you want your ads to be displayed to Google and YouTube searches. This geographic area can be a specified radius from your physical storefront, a city, a state, or a country

Google will then review your ad, and if it'sapproved, your ad will immediately startdisplaying to Google and YouTube userswhen you win a keyword bid. You aren'tcharged for how many times your ad.

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What Type of Ads Can You Create on Google Ads?

Google Ads is a flexible, powerful advertising platform that gives brands like yours various options to reach your ideal customers and clients. With Google Ads, you can create the following types of digital advertisements:

Search Ads

Google processes billions of searches every single day. Some of those keyword or phrase searches may be related to a product, service, or offering that meets a searcher's need. With search ads, you select keywords that are related to the products and services you offer. For example, if you're a camping gear store, you might want to make a keyword list related to "hiking backpacks." If you do so, every time someone types one of your keywords, your Google Ads account will automatically bid to display your search ad at the top or bottom of the search engine results page, depending on your budget and what place you come in on the bid. With search ads, you put your products and services front and center to web searchers looking for related items, and when you win a bid - your brand message displays on a SERP, even if your organic content isn't on that page.

Shopping Ads

Census data proves what eCommerce sites already know - online shopping is HUGE! According to the most recent data, in Q3 of 2020, eCommerce sales were responsible for 14.3% of total sales in the US. But with so many people shopping online, how do you get your eCommerce site and your products in front of the right shoppers? Google Ads' answer to this challenge is to create Google Shopping Ads. These ads can help you: Showcase your online inventory. Help you find better-qualified leads. Boost online traffic. Drive more people to your brick and mortar storefront. Google Shopping Ads are compelling digital advertisements that allow you to display your products' images, text descriptions that could include product specifications, your store name, and other relevant information you want online shoppers to know about you. Google Ads dashboard also has smart features that show you how each element of your ad performs, so you can easily optimize your Google Shopping Ads to get the best possible results.

Display Ads

Sometimes the best way to gain your next lead or customer's attention isn't when they are actively searching for you, but when they are on a website or using an app related to your product or service offerings. This is precisely what Display Ads helps you do! As Google users surf the web, your Display Ads will appear on sites relevant to your brand. For example, suppose you sell skincare products. In that case, your Display Ad may appear while potential new leads or customers are reading an article about a dermatological condition or using an app to track their skincare regimen. Display Ads can include a wide variety of rich, eye-catching content, including:

App Ads

Many of the most popular iOS and Android apps are free apps with in-app ads. And you can use Google Ads to have your message displayed to people using an app based on specific targeting options so that your App Ad only appears to those mobile users most likely to take action.

Google App Ads can be created to encourage mobile device users to: Download and install your app from the App Store or Google Play.

Why Work With Us for Google Ads Management

Many of our Google Ads management clients previously managed their campaigns in-house. Still, they found they simply didn't have enough dedicated internal resources to truly optimize and yield the best possible results from this digital advertising platform. As expert digital marketers, we're perfectly suited to help drive more leads and sales, get more conversions, and maximize your ROI through advertisements on the world's most popular search engine. When you work with us for Google Ads management, we:



Fine-tune Your Ad Targeting

You can choose who sees your ads, whether that be based on age, gender, geolocation, or whether or nota web searcher has already visited your website but didn't convert. This latter targeting option is called remarketing,and it's an extremely effective way to get people who are aware of you to take a desired action on your website or visityour storefront. We have advanced technical knowledge of marketing best practices and Google Ads targetingoptions. We help brands just like you target their Google Ads audience. This ensures your ads are only seen by the


Manage Conversion Tracking

While it's great when a Google user clicks on your ad, what you really want them to do is convert. A conversion may be different for different companies or different campaigns within your company. Your desired conversions may be for a web user to give you their email address, fill out a form, download an e-book, or purchase a product from your eCommerce website. We dig deep into this data so you can see how a Google Ad that gets clicks truly performs by reporting


Create Smart Bidding Strategies

Your ad dollars are limited, and we want you to get the most out of your Google Ads spend. That's why we work to understand your objectives and create smart bidding strategies to help you meet - or exceed - your goals. While Google Ads has built-in bidding features, it's essential to have digital marketing experts like us


Find the Best Keywords for Your Brand

While Google has an included keyword planner to help you predict which keywords or phrases may help generate clicks and conversions, a considerable part of our job is to do additional keyword research to find the best option for you. Using professional keyword planning software and research protocols, we find the best keyword lists for you, and if needed, spread them amongst AdGroups so you can have a variety of ads that appear to Google users looking for what your brand


Write Compelling Ad Copy

Google Ads have strict character limits. This means your ads must be short, sweet, and extremely targeted to the related keyword that triggered your ad to display in the first place. We create branded content that resonates and triggers web users to click and convert.


Leverage Extension Options

If you're managing your Google Ads yourself, you may not know there are ad extensions available to you that help you get more of your message across to your targeted audience. Extensions must be manually created and can include key items that drive clicks and conversions, including links to specific pages on your website, location information, additional


Measure Your Success

We regularly analyze your campaigns to determine their success, as well as identify
opportunities to optimize. When we manage Google Ads for you, we will provide you with periodic
reports on:

  • Number of ad impressions.
  • Number of ad clicks.
  • Actions that ad clickers took on your website.
  • Return on ad spend (ROA), your ad spend divided by

You Can Trust Us to Completely Manage Google Ads for You

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