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In today's competitive markets, many businesses are competing for the same customers. Products and services are not always clearly differentiated. Frankly, many times, the products and services may even be very similar. It's hard for customers to identify the brand that they want to engage with. Social media marketing and digital marketing help businesses to differentiate themselves from their competition by offering perspective, insights and guidance that build trust and relationships. Therefore, it's crucial for businesses to leverage social media and digital marketing to identify prospects, engaging with existing customers, and create loyal fans.
SocialSelllinator is a reputable San Jose social media agency. We offer comprehensive social media management services in San Jose, CA and nationwide.
Is your brand using its social media channels to the best of its ability, or do you feel like you’re leaving opportunities on the table? If you find it difficult to manage your organization’s social media presence on your own or that you can get more value out of the channels you have, we can help.

How Big is Social Media in the US? estimates that 244 million Americans use social media. In the US, the most popular social media platforms used by brands include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

In fact, the website Tech Jury found that in 2020, Americans spent an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on social media. This means if your brand doesn’t have a well-researched and implemented social media strategy, compelling content to engage users, and the resources to reply to comments and questions, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to maintain the mindshare of your current customers and attract new audiences to your products or services.

This process is called social media management, and it’s one of our key digital marketing specialties. Whether you need someone to grow your social media presence or take over the time-consuming task of creating, posting, and responding to content on your channels, we’re here to help.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of using your social platforms to engage current and prospective customers and clients at times where they aren’t actively searching for the types of products or services you offer. It’s a very effective way to get your messages across to your target market at their leisure, as well as develop your brand and express your brand’s personality. When we perform social media management for your company, we help with:

  • Managing all aspects of the content you share, from content creation and curation, posting, and analysis on all your social networks
  • Increasing and amplifying your brand’s presence and reach by getting your content in front of existing brand followers and new target audiences who don’t currently know about your company and its offerings.
  • Using professional social media management tools and services to schedule and analyze content, allowing us to more efficiently manage your social media presence as well as analyze its impact and determine your ROI

Our Social Media Management Services
in San Jose

If you’ve been managing your social media on your own, you know just how big of an undertaking it can be. Many companies don’t have an internal resource solely dedicated to social media management. This means that oftentimes the task of keeping your content current is delegated to someone to do in their “spare time,” or spread amongst multiple individuals which can cause communication problems and disjointed messaging.

SocialSellinator is one of the best social media management agencies in San Jose, CA pushing brands to achieve greater recognition and gain revenue through data-driven, targeted platform solutions.

When you choose us for social media management, we eliminate these problems from your organization and also use our industry and proprietary expertise to make your social media channels as effective as possible - all depending on the unique objectives you select for your social media channels.

Our social media management services include:


Creating Unique Strategy

Working with you to create a unique social media strategy that meets your organization’s needs and objectives. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that we apply to all our customers. Your social media strategy will be unique to you and the goals you need to achieve


Monitoring & Analyzing

Monitoring your social media channels and analyzing their performance, including engagement on posts to determine what content is best for your channels, and audience growth


Developing of Content Calendar

Developing a social media calendar to meet your objectives. This content calendar will include the unique posts to be shared on each of your platforms as well as images, links, and best hashtags to use that make your content as easy as possible for new audiences to discover


Engaging Followers

Engaging followers by replying to comments, thanking them for their feedback, answering their FAQs, or looping you in to respond to more technical questions

We want to make sure that you have full visibility on the content we’ll be posting on your social media pages, and how well that content performs. For this reason, your content calendar will be pre-approved by you before we post anything, and we perform regular analysis to see what’s working, what needs to be tweaked, and what we can add to boost engagement and audience growth even more.

What is the Difference Between Social Media Management and Social Media Advertising?

If you’ve already been managing your social media accounts, then you know that you have the ability to post both organic and promoted content. But what is the true difference between social media management and social media advertising using promoted content and paid ads?

Social media management is the process of engaging people who already know of and are following your brand on their social channels. While these people may be loyal customers who make repeat purchases, by regularly posting and interacting with them through social media, you remind them of your brand at times they may not even be thinking of your products or services.

Alternatively, social media advertising allows you to create target audiences of people who don’t already follow your channels or know about you. By using detailed demographic targeting, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to get compelling, paid content in front of new users to grow your social media presence. An example of this is Facebook ads management.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from Our Social Media Management Services?

We work with a variety of product and service-based companies in various industries to manage their social media. Whether you want to engage with audiences on traditionally personal or consumer-oriented platforms like Facebook or Instagram or find B2B followers on LinkedIn, we can help you create a strong social media strategy, meet your goals, and achieve a great ROI.

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When you choose us for social media management, we’ll help you with



Creating a social media strategy that is unique to your company’s goals.



Managing your social channels by creating, posting, and replying to compelling and engaging content.



Growing your audience so you can engage more social media users and find new customers and clients.



Creating engaging social media advertising and drilling down into each platform’s demographic targeting options to make sure your messages are seen by the right people.

The Pros and Cons of Managing Social Media In- House

Deciding to choose one of the best social media management agencies in San Jose, CA like us to manage your social media means that you need to evaluate the pros and cons of performing these digital marketing tasks on your own.

There are, understandably, some key benefits of managing your own social media, especially for organizations that have an internal resource to dedicate to this process. First, nobody knows your company, products, or services as you do. When you have a San Jose social media company expert managing social media and replying to comments and questions, you’re able to quickly provide accurate information. You also typically have faster access to internal assets, such as infographics and product comparison data sheets, that you can share to answer customer questions.

However, there are negatives to managing your own social media too. To effectively manage social media, you need someone who’s able to respond to content at a moment’s notice. Since many companies don’t have an internal resource completely devoted to managing social media, the task of creating and responding to content is often a time-consuming extra that’s added to one of your employee’s already full plate. If this is the case for your company, you’ve likely already seen the downside of managing your own social media, such as inconsistent posting, delayed replies, and sometimes long hiatuses from posting content during busy times of your year, especially at the end of a fiscal quarter.

We work with many companies - some just like yours - who have weighed these pros and cons and decided that working with social media management experts like us will lift their employees’ workloads, allow them to post more engaging content, and deliver a better social media ROI. Trusting us to manage your social media content also means you’re working with experts who have their fingers on the pulse of ever-changing algorithms and platform policies that undoubtedly impact the type of content you should be posting.

What You Can Expect from Us

When you choose us to manage your brand’s social media, we give you our word that we will:


Collaborate with you and your stakeholders to create and clearly communicate a unique social media strategy to meet your company’s goals.


Reinforce your brand experience by creating branded content that matches your cross-marketing messages and looks and feels like the content you create for other marketing efforts, including your website, product packaging, and printed collateral.


Keep your followers happy and informed by replying to comments and questions and further engaging them on your channels.


Go the extra mile to learn about your company and your brand to ensure that the content we create and curate sounds like you.


Keep you in the loop of your social media platforms’ performance through regular analysis and follow-up meetings and reports.


Create compelling content that resonates with your existing followers and the people you want to join your audience.


Be available to you throughout the business day to answer your questions, concerns, or bounce ideas off each other on how to best maximize your social media marketing efforts.

How to Get Started

We would love to help you build your social media branding, grow your audiences, and keep your customers engaged. To learn more about our social media marketing services, schedule a call today.

Social Media Management Services FAQs

Social media management is crucial for any business as it allows them to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement. It provides a platform for businesses to share valuable content, interact with customers, and showcase their products or services. 
Additionally, hiring a reputable social media marketing agency for small business San Jose, CA can help businesses stay competitive in their industry, reach new audiences, and ultimately increase sales and revenue. By maintaining an active and strategic presence on social media platforms, businesses can strengthen their online presence and foster meaningful relationships with their target audience.

Social media management for small businesses can increase customer engagement in several ways:

Regular Interaction: Engaging with followers through comments, messages, and replies shows that the business values customer feedback and fosters a sense of community.

Content Variety: Posting diverse content such as polls, contests, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and user-generated content encourages interaction and keeps followers interested.

Timely Responses: Promptly addressing customer inquiries and concerns demonstrates attentiveness and responsiveness, which can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalization: Tailoring content to the interests and preferences of the target audience creates a more personalized experience, making followers feel valued and understood.

Call-to-Action (CTA): Including clear CTAs in posts encourages followers to take action, whether it's liking, commenting, sharing, or visiting the website, thereby driving engagement and conversions.

Yes, social media management is worth it for businesses of all sizes. It provides numerous benefits, including increased brand awareness, customer engagement, website traffic, and ultimately, sales and revenue growth. 
By maintaining an active and strategic presence on social media platforms, businesses can reach their target audience, build relationships, and establish themselves as industry leaders.
Additionally, social media management allows businesses to gather valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, which can inform future marketing strategies and product development. Overall, investing in social media management can yield significant returns and contribute to the overall success of a business.

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