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Posted by SocialSellinator Team on Jan 1, 2000 4:23:00 AM

Congratulations! It`s official. You`re finally a licensed real estate agent. So, what do you do now? Newly licensed real estate agents all over the country face the same dilemma; life after real estate agent licensing exams. The truth is there are more real estate agents than you can shake a stick at, but only a few fully embrace the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the others.

Simply being licensed is no longer enough and there are no guaranteed shortcuts to success. Still, there are scores of companies guaranteeing success if you buy their products. Well, save your money because there are no guarantees; only hard, focused work coupled with products that`ll enhance your success, which begins and ends with 2 simple things;

1. getting prospects, and
2. converting them to paying customers

Getting prospects is easier said than done and only when you have some will you have an opportunity to blend your knowledge, charm, and personality to close them. But the key remains to get them. How do you do that?

Leveraging social media marketing and having a real estate listing system is one good way and should be every newly licensed real estate agent`s top priority; veteran agents, too if they never had one. Although you can find real estate listing systems a dime a dozen there is nothing that helps you achieve the level of real estate marketing and sales "success" you want quite like a proven one, whether they`re complicated ones at outrageous prices or simple ones at a reasonable cost.

Generally, the more complicated and cumbersome the systems are the more expensive they are. They aren`t necessarily better because just costlier. The type of system you chose can be as simple as mailing pre-written real estate marketing letters to owners of expired listings, some of which are extremely effective. Prices range from under - 10 to over,000.00; several can be found for less than .00. But as you grow in experience and ability incorporating call-in 800 number lead generating systems and websites are almost a must if you want to be competitive and ensure your success. Let`s face it - real estate agents need listings and the more they have the more money they`re likely to make through their real estate marketing efforts. On the other hand, agents who can`t get listings don`t last in the profession too long. Real estate listing systems help agents get listings. They can help new agents get off to good starts and recharge the careers of veteran agents who have been around for a while.

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