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Posted by SocialSellinator Team on Jan 1, 2000 4:04:00 AM

The media seems to trumpet two moods: bad and worse. Yet even in these"perilous" times, financial advisors are discovering marketing opportunities. Where does your marketing edge come from? Here we paint in quick brushstrokes 5 ways for financial advisors to put themselves first in line. First - Remain Confident. Refuse to fall into a victim mentality instead, and focus on what you can do next to make a difference in your social media marketing. And give yourself the advantage of calling on more than one marketing action. See if you can put three or more into play. Second - Surge Ahead With A Power OffenseOne idea: Give your cell phone number to your top clients. Invite them to call you at any time. . . whenever questions come to mind or doubt rocks their peace of mind. This emphasizes how important they are to you. While this strengthens relations with good clients, it can also help to rebuild ones that are going sour. Be judicious with this next idea: Also, give your cell phone number to top PROSPECTS. Third - Put The Media To Work For YouJournalists are looking to experts for insights. Introduce yourself by mail, fax, email, or phone to those who deal with financial issues. Before you do, though, prepare your best case - years in practice, credentials, the special experience inside and outside the financial world, and the areas of differentiation that can set you apart. Also, show that you have followed the journalist`s words and reveal how you agree or disagree with his or her stance. Fourth - Become The Choice For A Second Opinion Consider how you can become THE second opinion for upset, bitter, or frustrated investors. Or how you can become the first one a stymied, do-it-yourselfer turns to. Here`s a path to becoming "first in line." Know specifically who you are looking for. If you have done the spade work to sharply identify your target market(s), that`s a fine start. Next, dig into where you can reach your prospects in a crowd. Next, hone your message. Then, get your message out there. Caution: Stay away from cheap lists. When you follow up, you may find that the name you contacted has been dead for five years. A productive source for names is traded journal subscription lists in your niche(s) and in your area. Fifth - Perfect Your Prospect Meetings It`s not enough to plan on impressing prospects with logic and a statistic-filled pitch book. Consider making an emotional connection with every prospect who meets with you.

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