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Posted by SocialSellinator Team on Jan 1, 2000 8:31:00 PM

With the importance that technology now holds in our society and the world, digital marketing is an important component of any advertising that a business or company does. Digital marketing can reach more people than thought possible twenty years ago and can be specified to target certain demographics. Digital marketing allows for nuance in advertising, as well as greater breadth. Google receives millions and billions of searches, more than one hundred million in just one month. But studies have shown that most people aren't likely to search past the first web page. Because of this, it's important for your business's content to be strong enough to reach that first page. This might mean that you purchase advertising. Another route is that of SEO or search engine optimization. If you have a certain number of keywords in your article, your advertisement or information is more likely to pop up and be clicked on. In fact, businesses with strong keywords rank 1 and half times higher than businesses without them. SEO leads have a greater close rate as well, almost 15%, and around 75% of SEO actually occurs off-page. Search engine marketing can help to increase how frequently your business is seen and, therefore, trafficked. Social media can be another important tool for digital marketing. The vast majority of B2B marketers, around 94% of them, cite LinkedIn as their favorite social media site to market on. Facebook has also been noted as an important social media platform for digital marketing, with 2 out of every 3 survey respondents considering it the MOST important in terms of digital marketing. This is in part because of the popularity of Facebook, with over 70% of survey respondents a member of the website. A blog can also be very beneficial for a company or business. Over half of marketers see a blog as the most effective inbound marketing tool and companies publishing regular content on their blogs receive over three times as many views than companies that do not utilize a blog at all. Web design is another important component of digital marketing.

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