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Posted by SocialSellinator Team on Jan 1, 2000 8:39:00 PM

Marketing any small business can be a challenging endeavor, and nail salons are no exception. Between limited budgets and lots of competition, finding a digital marketing strategy that is worth the money and effective sometimes seems like a shot in the dark. While there`s no guaranteed way to market your nail salon successfully, there are some techniques and best practices that will be beneficial when you`re looking to expand your market share. 1) Be everywhere - For nail salons, the target market is fairly-broad. Other than a possible physical location, there are very few demographics that could be used to determine the target market segment. Since customers come from all different directions, it`s important that your marketing plan is diverse, using a variety of mediums, locations, and frequencies. Keep your budget in mind, of course, but your options include business signs, electronic media, print media, and many more. 2) Be bold - For customers who aren`t loyal to a specific salon, it can be difficult to determine the value of one salon over another. For those customers who do have a certain nail salon that they frequent, it`s also challenging to win them over to your business. Thus, your marketing efforts should be interesting, unique, and most important, memorable. Take time to think of a "Hook" that will draw customers` attention to your business. 3) Be consistent - Another important factor when implementing a marketing plan for your salon is to be consistent with your efforts. There may be times when you make a stronger push than normal, but a scattered, disorganized implementation won`t generate a positive result. Your ads, regardless of the medium used, should have some common thread running through them that connects the ad with your salon. This starts with your storefront signage and continues with any off-site advertising you use. 4) Be smart - Unless you are a large chain salon, your budget is probably somewhat limited. To get the most for your money you`ll need to research different strategies and techniques to find the one that`s right for you. A flashy TV commercial might look great, but will your customers notice? Flyers might be an affordable way to reach a lot of people, but how much of a response will they generate? These are the questions you should be asking when preparing to market your nail salon. The best place to start is with storefront signs that identify your name and business hours, and from there you can implement other strategies. 5) Be relevant - This is the most challenging part of marketing.

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