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Posted by SocialSellinator Team on Feb 8, 2018 1:03:00 AM

When the people who are the target of your selling efforts aren't looking for what you're offering, it can be really tough to get that first appointment. The good news is that there's a very effective weapon that can help you overcome this objection: Optimized LinkedIn profiles.


LinkedIn has become a crowded place, and the only way to ensure that your message won't be lost in all that clutter is to make sure that you're standing out from everyone else. A customized LinkedIn profile can help you do just that and can add value to your LinkedIn Marketing strategy.


Of course, it's not enough to simply post on LinkedIn; your presence needs to be noticed. When you create your LinkedIn profile, make sure that it's complete, concise, and easy to understand so that anyone who views your profile can pick up on what makes you unique right away.


When potential customers come to the point where they're ready to start looking for someone who can help them solve their business problems, they will want to start by looking with the most likely providers. A customized LinkedIn profile can ensure that you're one of those providers who's top of mind when they start making their decisions.


Make your LinkedIn profile stand out by including an up-to-date, targeted Summary section that emphasizes your unique selling proposition and includes links to testimonials or awards that back up your claims.


Another great way to boost the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile is by including links in your status updates that take potential customers directly to product pages on your website, where they can get more information about what you're offering. Not only will this demonstrate knowledge of how to use social media for marketing purposes, it will also help customers to see the value of what you have to offer.


Finally, make sure that your profile includes a list of any certifications or accolades that are relevant to your field so customers will know that you are more than just talk. With all of this information included in your LinkedIn profile, more and more people will start coming to you with their questions and concerns.


When you optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales, you'll be able to show people what makes you unique and prove that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to solve their problems. When they reach a point where they need someone with your capabilities, you want to make sure that it's easy for them to recognize that you're the best person to offer them just the product or services they need to solve their issues.

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