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What is #socialselling and what is it not? That's a question most organizations try to evaluate as they develop and advance their sales efforts. Understanding the importance of social selling and understanding how its best practices can be implemented, is key to successfully driving business results through social media.

Most importantly, sales people need to understand that it's not social selling to simply transfer your current approach from cold calls and hard sales tactics to another medium, like LinkedIn or Twitter.

So, leave your hard sell at the door and embrace what KissMetrics listed as criteria for social selling:

  • Endorsing a customer on LinkedIn.
  • Running LinkedIn searches for outbound targets.
  • Liking a client’s Facebook post.
  • Sharing the company’s latest blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.
  • Studying prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter before a meeting.
  • Following key accounts on Twitter.
  • Retweeting a client.

This article lists 10 key recommendations and traits how individual sales reps can become successful social sellers.